About Us

Meet the Resort & Dive Teams

Resort Team



Charmaine Viljoen

  • General manager / Proprietor


Doris Nako

  • Administration Manager
  • Resort Co-ordinator


Letty Rere

  • Head Chef


Alick Alfred

  • Sous Chef


Sangoi Konali

  • Restaurant Manager

Esther Waki

  • Front of house

Jackson Rere

  • Sous Chef


Roy Douglas

  • Chief Gardener

Dive Team



Kali Chamberlin

  • Dive Instructor
  • Resort Co-ordinator


Vuti Vutilolo

  • Adventure Guide

Marcelo Rouvone

  • Trainee Dive Guide

Jimmy "Tackles" Rubens

  • Dive Guide


Thomas Robinson

  • Dive Director / Technical Instructor