Longer, Further, Deeper

If you are a technical diver, you have come to the right place, Absolute Adventures is THE technical dive and training facility in Vanuatu. We cater for all extended range diving whether you dive open or closed circuit.

With one of the world’s best wrecks on our door step this is the perfect playground for us metal heads.


The SS President Coolidge lies in depths between 21m and 70m, she is 200m long, 30m wide and 30m high. Technical diving allows us to explore less trafficked areas of the Coolidge. Seemingly endless corridors and squeezes will keep you coming back for more. Deep, dark tight areas give way to cavernous cargo holds filled with ambient light, the Coolidge has it all as the world’s "largest, most accessible ship wreck". You can gain access from our private shore site or with our dive boats.

Other technical dive sites around Santo include the Tui Tug boat in 45m, an excellent dive along with Million Dollar Point where you can explore the WWII equipment in depths of up to 50m. The pristine reefs and pinnacles surrounding Santo also offer great walls and drop-offs that reach depths of up to 300m, perfect for deep wall dives with some reef deco.

Open circuit divers can take advantage of our manifold & independent twin sets, we have 11L and 5.7L stage cylinders for deco gases.

We have a membrane nitrox system for mixes up to 40% which enable us to bring you the most affordable nitrox in Santo. We also stock medical grade oxygen for nitrox fills up to 100%, for trimix certified divers we always carry helium. If you are looking to extend your bottom time or accelerate your decompression our technical guides can cater for all of your requirements.

We fully support re-breather divers, we hire 2 & 3L steel cylinders and stock sofnolime 797 with oxygen and helium available with a booster pump for accurate, high pressure fills. Private, technical guides can be organised to tailor dives to suit the specific needs of the re-breather diver.

Not yet trained but interested in extended range diving? Absolute Adventures is the only operator to have a technical dive instructor permanently on staff to offer technical courses for stage decompression and the use of trimix and nitrox up to 100%.

There is no better back drop than the SS President Coolidge to learn and develop essential technical diving skills. Why not complete your technical training whilst exploring the wreck? Check out our Technical Courses page for more information.

“We want our customers to get the best, safest and most professional technical diving experience available and become part of the Absolute Adventures ‘Tech’ family”.