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Luke Tokar, the friendly face of our Paradise Tours can take you on a variety of adventures throughout Espiritu Santo.

Official Coral Quays Resort Airport/Hotel Transfer/Tour Operator


  • Millennium Cave – Full day tours


  • Tafantari Waterfall & Pools – Half Day Tour


  • Champagne Beach, Lonnoc Beach & Blue Hole – Full day Tour


  • World War II History – Full day Tours


  • Riri Riri River Canoe Trip – Half Day Tour  



One of the the "must do" tours in Santo this is an awesome adventure. Not for the faint hearted, this full day tour involves a lengthy bush walk and requires  degree of fitness. Definitely worth the effort, you will be amazed at the stunning scenery. Your guides will lead you through the narrow jungle paths, across creeks and cascades and over a bamboo bridge to reach the Millennium cave.

This massive cave stretches 20m across and some 50m high. A bamboo bridge will take you from the mouth of the cave down to the crystal clear pool fed by a small cascade. From here you will journey through a magical realm of sparkling stalactites and stalagmites, with fresh water pools and thousands of tiny bats and swallows, their homes made high up in the roof of the cave. Once you’ve made your way through the cave to the riverside, it’s time for a light lunch before you float down the fresh river towards home. Whilst floating down the shallow quick flowing river, take in the breathtaking scenery with it’s thermal falls and towering rock faces, you can’t get any closer with nature than this! The tour finishes with the walk back up to the village where the tour started and a bus trip back to your Hotel. 

This is a full day trip with lots of walking. A High fitness level is required to really enjoy this energetic tour. Lunch is not provided, but picnic lunches can be pre-ordered through your resort/hotel with a day's notice. Pack a light bag with plenty of drinking water, lunch and towel. Dive booties or old running shoes are best as they will get wet and muddy. Wear swimmers and comfortable clothes. Lifejackets & torches supplied. Once you have had lunch, a guide will take bags or items which you don’t wish to get wet, back to the village where you will return to.



For those of you wanting to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul – The ‘Tafantari waterfall and pools’ set amongst wild green jungle.

On the 30 minute journey to your magical location, enjoy scenery including the South Pacific’s largest cattle farm, coconut plantations, stop to gaze at the sleeping flying fox high above and listen to local knowledge of customs and ways of life.

Once you arrive, meander along a gentle path and hear the roaring of the cascading waterfall only moments away. Feel the refreshing coolness that fills the air as you discover this natural gem.

All levels of fitness, ages and families can enjoy this tropical treasure. Laze in a natural pool, swim down the river or stand beneath the falling water for an invigorating natural massage. Come and discover our new hidden treasure!



Enjoy a relaxing day at beautiful Lonnoc beach. En route to Port Olry, this beach makes a lovely picnic and swimming spot with crystal clear water and fine powder white sand -  you won't want to leave.  Make sure you give yourself time to stop off at the Blue Hole for a refreshing swim on the way home. You will be amazed at the colour and clarity of these fresh water natural swimming pools! Take along your snorkelling gear , towel, camera and a picnic lunch. 



Santo was home to 100,000 Military personnel during the Second World War, and boasted five airfields, four hospitals and many services for the armed forces who were based here. Your scenic drive will take you to the Million Dollar Point where the American military dumped tonnes of equipment into the Ocean at the end of the war. This historic point is now an excellent spot for divers and snorkellers, with everything from Bulldozers and trucks to ammunition and Coke bottles.  History buffs will enjoy stories about Santo during the war and visit the remnants liberally scattered around the Islands.



This half-day tour is a relaxing way to experience one of Santo’s famous Blue Holes. A 30-minute bus trip from your hotel will take you to the mouth of the Riri river. Your guide will paddle a local ‘dugout’ canoe, whilst you sit back and enjoy the beautiful tropical scenery.  Look out for fresh water prawns and fish, electric blue dragon flies, and remnants of an old bridge built by the Americans during World War II. As the river water becomes bluer, you’ll know you’re not far away from the Matevulu Blue Hole, a huge fresh water pool of iridescent blue, unique in it’s colour from the effect of limestone combining with fresh water.  The clarity is amazing! Cool off with a refreshing swim, canoe back down the river where your awaiting bus will return you to your Hotel/Resort in time for lunch. Please bring hat and sunscreen, swimmers, towels and drinking water.  Life jackets are provided but not compulsory.